Monday, March 21, 2011

Weight Loss

I have had some weight loss in the past week. Finally back in the 150's. That is a real boost to break that plateau or barrier or whatever it was. Maybe I can move on now. I hope so.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Thoughts

I have had a headache for two weeks or so. I wake up with it. I finally went to the clinic and got antibiotics and nasal spray for sinus infection. This is the time of year I get the big one. Not every year but some years. So I wish I would treat them sooner but at least I am treating it now. I stayed home from work today. So far I have kept up with my weekly minimum of workouts. I am also feeling more positive. I want to get back to the me I have been reading from a couple of years ago. That mindset was beaten down with life's unexpected events but I have been learning more forgiveness and perseverance from it. The achy head is not my favorite thing but I will rest. I will ignore the messy house, reminding myself that these things will be cleaned and organized when I feel better. I will drink water all day long and rest. That is the only thing on my agenda. Rest and gratitude and positive thinking.

I visited a friend in the hospital last night. She has been there since Monday and was there a few days last week. She was in pain and very uncomfortable. I did not know what help I could be to her but wanted to visit and do what I could. I could see she was in pain and I knew her next med dose was not for at least 4 hours so I told her there was probably a back up script in her chart in case things got bad and asked her if it was okay if I talked to the nurse. We got her a dose of something that helped her feel good enough to sleep. I stayed until she was comfortable and sleeping. I feel like I am not "there" for people much. I know how to take care of kids but not so much other adults. It was good to go and do what I could. Last week when I was looking up references to provide for this current job pursuit, I found out one of my old associates had died just this past February. I was shocked and sad. I had not been in contact for years. It made me want to do lunch with people. To stop everything and just spend a couple of weeks catching up. To stop wasting time putting things off and to stop isolating. It is real comfy isolating, though. But I have been making some calls.

I know the past two years took my way out of my comfort and routine. I had to walk through my biggest fears. Even things I never even thought about but would have feared had I thought of them. But I am still here and I still have the opportunity to share with others and build on all of my life experience.

I still love Fridays. I have neither lost nor gained weight, I guess I am maintaining. Soon I will lose those ten pounds. More will be revealed