Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have no idea what this is going to look like. I am posting the Sunflower in honor of cheefulness.  I was very grumpy about the WW meeting. It was crowded, etc. and long, stuff I already knew and so on. It seemed complicated.  I had a headache. My friend left a little early because the meeting did run on and on. But I was a dedicated trouper and stayed till the end. I bought a special calculator. It makes it easy to track things. After two days I can say that it has been very easy. I have not even grocery shopped yet. Just using what I have already and plugging it into my range. I also bought a pedometer which does not appear entirely accurate but even if I calcualte error rate and subtract some steps, it shows I do quite a bit of walking during the day. I knew I did. I wanted to measure it, though so I could feel good about it. It's not the same as a full blown work out session but it is substantially better than sitting all day. So, I have not suffered any unpleasant hunger as a result of being in the lowest point classification. I have switched from coffee to tea and I feel more calm than I used to feel during the day. Overall, I think I can do this.  More will be revealed.                             

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Buddy System

I have a friend who has been very helpful in getting me out of the house.  Today she called and asked if I wanted to go to the zoo. It's a great place to walk and the weather was nice. My impulse was to stay home because I am in that mode where I don't feel like leaving the house. The difference in me now and when I used to get like this is now I DO leave the house even when I have that feeling.  So I went and it was a great outing.  She said she was joining weight watchers and that there's a 1pm Sunday meeting not far from where I live. So I said, I will join, too.  I think this will be good for me to go to a weekly meeting/weigh in and have a buddy to do it, too. Here is hoping for getting back to the normal body mass index.. it is really just around the corner.

Friday, February 24, 2012


My browser is no longer supported by blogger..  I have been missing in action. I didn't know anyone was still looking at my blog and I appreciate the comments. I'm hanging in there with some winter depression, not losing or gaining weight but wishing I would take off at least ten pounds. A friend of mine died in December. She was a paralegal that I worked with for many years. When we got laid off we stayed in touch. Her niece rents my house.  She was diagnosed with an aggressive lung cancer and within two weeks was on life support. They took her off and she died.  I found myself having something close to panic attacks on the days leading up to her death. There was so little time.   I still have a hard time getting used to it. There is also the realization of our mortality. I feel reasonably healthy but there is room for improvement. I have been on the lower end of my mood spectrum.  I do go to the gym regularly for workouts.  Work is good, they like me very much. It feels good to be appreciated. Kids are doing good. Daughter is close to gradulation, has been accepted and awarded substantial scholarship (almost two thirds of the tuition) at the college of her choice.  I miss blogging. I find myself not feeling very connected. So this is a good place to start. Thanks for checking in on me. Sorry to be gone so long. It is good to be back..