Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Twelve Days of Fitness

Today I realized I had 12 days until we take a girls getaway trip that I planned for my mother, my daughter and me. I grew some obnoxious body fat this winter, lounging around complacently, doing as I pleased, etc. I've been halfhearted in my attempts to reverse the process but made a commitment over the weekend to go to the gym each day. This morning when I counted the days to vacation, I thought "only 12 days!" But then the Twelve Days of Fitness came to mind. I don't have to have some numerical body weight goal, I can make these next 12 days full of all my favorite fitness tools. Tracking, plenty of water, exercise, etc. and establish habits that seem to have slipped away. It's all about habits. Break a bad one by substituting a good one.

More will be revealed!