Thursday, July 5, 2012

Non-Scale Benefits

While running upstairs yesterday I realized that I felt lighter on my feet.   I thought about how much easier it is to do everyday chores while carrying less weight. It made me want to carry even less body weight, and I wondered with excitement what it would be like.   I want to know how that feels more than I want to eat extra food.  I want to know how it feels, and if it is not that great, then I can always eat more and gain weight back.. But first I want to know how it feels.  I still have the discomfort of body fat in several areas. I don't expect to be free of all fat, but I do want to see what it is like to have less fat. 

And, today I want that more than I want snacks, sugar, starch, high volume helpings, and so on.

Hoping to keep this thought all day and in the evening, too!

Swimming has been wonderful for my body. 

Growing flowers, herbs, and other plants heals me.

Onions curb my appetite.

I stay full on less when I have beans in my meal.

More will be revealed...