Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4th Day

It is the fourth day of my food change.  It has been easy.  I was sick to my stomach the night of the first day but I don't believe that was related. The good news was the next day I did not go for sugars and comfort foods like I used to do when sick.  I eased back into food and ate wisely according to my parameters. 

What I find is that I don't have any carb cravings when I eliminate certain foods, and I feel more relaxed and calm.  And focused.  Eating carbs and sweets is distracting.  Sometimes I feel like I am missing something in my diet, I miss fruit but I will add that back in later on after this two week stabilization period.  When I feel like I am missing something it is really the recreational aspect of eating, so I reach for a book or do something.  Or I have a drink of water or a cup of tea.  I am not missing nutrition because I am getting enough of that.  It is the habit of snacking.  It has been quite easy. 

I prefer eating like this. So I will keep on doing it!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

MIA and Blog Trouble

I haven't blogged in two months. Then I had trouble getting in because I did something and it told me to use a new browser. I don't like this new upgrade but mainly because I have to adjust to using it.

I do like that I am giving myself two weeks of South Beach phase one prior to Christmas.  I gained at Thanksgiving and instead of it coming right back off  it has stayed. So I am inspired to do something permanent.  Move forward.  Let go of old ways.  I love the reading at the link below.