Monday, February 28, 2011


I have been reading old posts going back to a couple of years ago. I sure was positive. Maybe I still am but I focused more on it. I want to get back to that forever grateful state of mind. It works much better. I do have much to appreciate in life. I have cooperative teenagers at home. How lucky is that? I think I take it for granted too much. And there was a time in my life many years ago when I did NOT have cooperative teenagers. We have a bump here and there but overall a very peaceful household. They are both very healthy and have a consciousness about eating right and getting exercise. Daughter has been exercising lately - she even jogged one night. Grandson is athletic and wants to study nutrition sciences.

It is almost time for me to leave for my workout. I am looking forward to it. I had a good dinner. My tummy is a little gurgly but I feel pretty good. I need to get some water because today I did not have a water supply at work and drank much less water than usual.

Perhaps each day this week I will try and post something that I am grateful for.

My food was good today. And I am getting a workout. Hooray!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today I watched a movie on the cardio equipment and got in an hour and a half of nonstop cardio. My intensity varied so I could stay longer. It made me feel better mentally to get in such a good long stretch. I also got in a workout on Thursday for my "mid week" workout - did it on my lunch hour. I am glad that I did it because that was my goal for the week - to add in a workout during the week. I had a workout Saturday, too with weights and cardio. My workouts are going pretty good but I still feel like a big mushball, and my food has not been so hot.

I am keeping at it, though and never giving up.

The interview went really good. I enjoyed it. I may or may not get an offer but it made me feel very positive about my career and capabilities. I also had a phone screen with a different company on Friday that went well also. They may call me for an interview. They said their interview process is long. I honestly don't feel like more interviews even though I felt good after Wednesday's experience.

My interview suit from 2009 fit well enough, so I did not buy anything new. Did not want to spend money. And I like that pretty blue suit. If I buy new clothes it will be after losing the weight. I was happy that the suit fit because it is a 10 and I am determined never to go above a ten again.

Enough about all that. I am going to focus on sticking with my resolve about food this week. Today was a very good food day, and yesterday was good, too. I am also going to make sure I have a weekday workout. In fact, I have a special scheduled workout tomorrow because my daughter is working in the evening and I have to pick her up at nine. That gives me a perfect opportunity to leave early and have at least an hour to work out at my favorite gym.

I feel hopeful and optimistic.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Past Due Update

Long time no blog. Can't recall why. I think it started with the snowed in days right after my gym love post, and then I got sick. So I was sloppy for a couple of weeks but I did continue to go to the gym on the weekends. I want to add a mid week weight training workout on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am going to shoot for that. I can get some cardio with walking during the week but I'd like a weight night as well. I love the Saturday morning work out because I have no time constraints. I also find that I can watch movies while doing cardio and last longer because I don't get bored. Last night after work I did an hour of cardio watching an old movie. If I get interested in the movie then I am hooked and stay for the whole thing.

I like how my muscles feel after my weight workout. I feel alive and awake and connected to my body. I like how my brain feels after my cardio.

I have a job interview next week and I am going to buy a suit this weekend. My others are almost two years old and I want one in black. I should be the same size I was when I bought the old ones which is good, but lumpy here and there where I was not back then. I need to feel confident when I go to this interview. I am meeting several people. Also need to be comfortable as I will be there for a few hours.

Exercise gives me confidence.

More will be revealed.