Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is me before going to church on Sunday. I was smiling at the cat who was walking up to me.

I have lost six pounds, rather slowly, but steadily. I don't know why I have not been blogging. One thing I noticed was that when I was too focused on losing, I got stalled. When I got more active and diverted my attention from losing (but while applying the principles that work) and had some fun, I lost. I have been swimming and steaming at least once/twice and sometimes three times a week. I love it. I also did volunteer work three Mondays in a row where I went with a group to various locations of homeless camps in the city, and brought food, clothing and blankets. I missed this week because grandson had therapy, but I fully intend to go back. I missed the people we visit. I want to know how they are doing. This experience has enriched me and taken the focus off of the day to day me things. I also have been dating a guy but not seriously yet. We have had some fun and connect on a few different levels. It has been fun. I am still "looking" though and may be meeting another guy. I am trying to meet men that I can connect with on a spiritual level. I find when I do that, even if the relationship does not work out, I am still better off than before I met them because I learn things. I am still taking long walks on my lunch hours, working hard at the office. I have also begun seeing a chiropractor, my shoulder has been tingling. I am going to give him a chance. He is holistic and treats other conditions. I am keeping an open mind. I also have a church buddy. She is a friend I have made in the past year. We have gone to two different churches together and have decided to stick with one of them for a bit. It is nice not to go alone. We have basically the same feelings toward religion. Her husband is not interested in going, so it fulfills a need for both of us.

I guess I am getting balanced, being mindful and growing in one way while shrinking in another! I think there's a correlation here somewhere.

More will be revealed....

Monday, September 12, 2011


Many thanks to Vickie for reminding me that I have not blogged in two weeks. I have lost a few pounds, though. I have been swimming, walking and using the cardio/weights at the gym regularly for exercise. I am not sure why the weight dropped, except that my food volume may have dropped slightly. I kept wondering why the weight was at a stand still. I hope I have some momentum now and can keep it moving. I certainly do not want to gain my little loss back. So I keep moving. The weather is cooler and that allows for more outdoor time.

More later when I have time...