Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Quickie Update - Happy Wednesday!

Life is busy and busy is good.  I am at my 5% goal and moving on to the 10%.  I think that my loss is at a reasonable/realistic pace.  I am happy with what I eat, and feeling better. I have more energy, I move easier, and my clothes are feeling better.  I decided to move back to my house that I own and stop being a landlord. Too stressful and I have no more money left to lose!  We are also leasing a small apartment near Daughter's school. The money I save living in my own house will pay for some if not all of the extra aparment. We are excited. I can move over the course of the next two months because I want to stay until the school year finishes. We also have a plan for Grandson's living situation during his senior year so he can stay in the same school. 

I love cutting grass at my house.  It is an hour workout with a push mower and it feels good to see the results. My trees are bigger now and blooming, my lilac bush is huge and in full bloom and I can't wait to grow a bunch of blooming bushes and flowers in the sunny front and back yards.  The inside of the house was left a mess, with very icky carpet and even damage to the walls this time, but now I can fix it up and live in it, instead of handing it over again.  I am not going to focus on how icky they left it, I will make it all nice again and enjoy it!. 

My next door neighbor who was cutting his grass (always a good sign) came over when he saw me getting ready to hoist my new lawnmower out of my trunk and insisted on helping me. His two young kids were working in the back yard picking up sticks, etc. It was nice. The neighborhood has calmed down since I lived there before. I have a very good friend about a mile and a half away who walks her dogs regularly, so I have a walking buddy!  I could go on but I have to work now.

More will be revealed.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Happy

Things are going very well!!  I am not even phased by the last minute notice that my tenants are moving.  I am glad they are moving. I am very positive about getting new and better tenants soon.  I am dedicated to positive thinking and for me to feel okay, even relieved about turning over the rental yet again, is huge progress. There is just no point in stressing over things. I know what I need to do, and I do it. I am in my fourth week of WW, and I am down 7 pounds. I am eating a very healthy diet. Spinach, broccoli, fresh greens, brown and wild rice, plain greek yogurt, chicken breast, salmon and tuna are staples, among other things. I am keeping things simple.  Daughter got accepted into the film production program at her college of choice. Son came home and we are all happy about that. Things are smooth.  Work is busy.

More will be revealed!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Quickie Afternoon Update

I had a nice weigh-in on Sunday (-3.5 lbs).  Friend and I decided to change to a Saturday morning 9 a.m. meeting.  Work and life are busy.  I am taking a few days off next week, so I will have five days off in a row starting on Friday night.  My son comes home to stay with us that evening and I wanted to be off a few days for the initial adjustments.  Must focus on taking care of me and taking care of the household, some spring cleaning is in order, which we have already started. 

I find my food in in a routine that did not require dramatic changes other than downsizing portions and eliminating some snack items altogether.  This fruit thing is not something I agree with though, because there are certain fruits I avoid - for example I have never found that I can lose weight while eating banannas.  Like nuts, for me they are difficult to manage. I want more.  I may be able to sprinkle a half of one in some cereal but it has not worked well in the past.  I hesitate to try it now. Maybe later. 

Focusing on keeping my moods in check and not over reacting to anything. Daughter had an anxiety/panic episode and we are dealing with that.  I have been able to help her more by staying calm myself and helping her focus on the here and now, etc.   Therapist is also very helpful with strategies.  I know this will pass.  My goal is to keep myself calm and steady and provide her the support she needs. 

Anyway, life is not perfect, but I'll take it. I am grateful for many things. Have to stop and make those mental gratitude lists from time to time.

More will be revealed.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I love Friday.  This has been a very good week. I have stayed in my parameters every day. I look forward to a weigh-in.  I am using whole foods for the majority if not all of my meals. Little mini-oranges, as I like to call them, save the day.  They give just enough of a taste and a sweetness for a safe and innocent in between meal refresher.  Doing a point analysis helps me sort out  the higher quality foods so that I get more out of what I eat.  I am making sure I get enough fiber and protein.   I no longer have that out of control, frustrated feeling.  I feel optimistic and good about myself. I feel like have something to look forward to.  I was in a muddy rut.  And now I am on pleasant and interesting path.