Sunday, February 21, 2010

Non Scale Victories and other musings

It has been a while since I posted any non-scale victories. A couple of months ago in the midst of a lot of shopping I bought the wrong size tights - small. I meant to return them but forgot. They were navy and the only navy tights I had. The other day I decided to go ahead and give them a try because I really needed navy in order to wear a particular outfit. They fit really good. All day I had the joy of knowing I was wearing a size small over the biggest parts of my body! Yea, maybe the sizes run big and they stretch well but I tell you what - small in a stocking/tight/legging etc. is a real event for me.

Also - found that the gym I joined has another location about five to ten minutes from work!! Woo hoo! Lunch workouts again! And I didn't even know it when I joined!! Evenings have just not lent themselves to going to the gym but I can sneak away on occasion from the office and then just stay a little later that day. I am elated at the thought.

I am much more calm at home these days because I meddle less in other people's business. Both my teenagers have recently shown strong talents in art. I look for the good things in people and my life and focus more on that. There is always something. My sister visited with her family yesterday and my grown son spent the night before with us. In the morning while I was at my meeting he cleaned the whole downstairs. It was so wonderful just to be able to come home and not rush around and clean, etc. I was so happy. We had some quality family time. I love having people to my home when it is tidy. It is roomy and there are lots of places to sit and socialize. I liken it to a coffee house. In fact, that's the atmosphere I wanted and I believe I have achieved it.

I spent some time with my high school art teacher last night because that's where my sister stays when they visit. She took me down to her studio and we talked about a project I have been wanting to do for a long time. It was great. I am going to make it a point to see her more. She is a real joy. He husband taught social studies/government. I had them both as teachers in high school. It is always a pleasure to see them again. Usually it is just when my sister comes but I realize now that I don't have to wait for her to come, I can have a relationship with them myself.

Happiness for me involves accepting things as they are but searching out the good, and finding ways to improve, being open to change, looking for what makes me calm, happy etc. and doing it. Staying grateful. Grieving the losses and appreciating the joys.


Annimal said...

Staying grateful. That's the key and the hard part for me. I always need the reminder to appreciate what I have and not always bemoan what I don't have (and probably don't need).

Bea said...

Hey Cindy I am not dead I just write like it. Read blog for recent events. I think I am about blogged out. I wanted to tell you how much you and your posts have meant to me over the years. You have hung in there with me as I have wandered around in my "waist" land. I appreciate it more than you know. Your posts are always uplifting and helpful. Thank you.

Helen said...

Yay for small tights!!! ANYthing small is kind of a miracle to me. Those NSVs really perk me up. :-)