Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I hit a new low weight today. Not an all time low, but low for the past couple of years.  I maintained for a couple of weeks at the 9 pound loss, but now I am moving on.  I remember when I was losing the Big Weight, I would lose and then maintain the loss for a little bit, then lose more. That worked well for me. I adjusted to the new weight and then inched down.  It took a long time, but I kept the bulk of it off.  Now that I have lived around the same weight for a few years, I realize that I am still a bit overweight and need to take off the last of it.  I want to get to the normal BMI, now only 4 pounds away, and then go a bit lower.  I do not want to teeter on the edge all the time. Plus, my body is too heavy to carry around. I want to feel a new lightness, with more agility. 

I have planted flowers in my front beds. I have a functional home now with all major appliances.  The house needs work, but I can slow down and do it at a pace that allows me to rest, relax, enjoy and get re-connected.  I'm adjusting to daughter moving out.  We get together, she comes over, etc.  We had pedicures together Saturday.  But I get pangs of sadness afterward.  I am happy about her move. It is a very positive move, but I still have the sad pangs.  I find myself wanting to load her up with stuff she needs, and last night I saw her tire was low... and I wanted to make sure she took care of it.. etc.

Grandson and I have a better relationship now. We even took a walk together last night with the dog. He has the luxury of being the only kid at home now.  I signed him up for the summer at the local gym only two miles away. I am going to join also - it is very convenient and has the basics. I keep lean meat and healthy food stocked for his weight lifter diet regimen. He likes it just being the two of us in the house and we agreed that we do not want to add more people to the household right now.

I have to get back to work, but want to get back to a regular blogging now that the moving marathon is over.

I am so grateful for losing the weight and keeping it off. And excited about losing more.

More will be revealed.

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Vickie said...

thank you so much for the updates. Very glad all is settled and you are happy with your new normal. I understand 100% about wanting to hug the maintenance level floor instead of ceiling in dropping more pounds, as you know, I think that is very smart. It will be interesting to see where (on your body) the last pounds come off/leave.