Sunday, August 2, 2009

My New Passion

I have taken to photographing dogs when I am out walking on the riverfront. I always ask, and have not been turned down yet. I love the challenge. This tough brute hid from me and peeked out from behind a garbage can. Must be camera shy. I enjoy the interaction with people and animals that this new passion has given me.
I took Monday (tomorrow) off so I could have a long weekend. Wednesday I got my official notice of my last day of work. I was supposed to get it Friday but my boss was taking off for a long weekend so I got it early. I still have the same last day... October 2nd. I had for prepared for getting notice by having a long weekend set up and also a therapist appointment on Wednesday. I thought it might hit me hard. It did, but it was a tidal wave of joy. I can't explain it but I have been elated and excited ever since. It was a huge relief. Something to look forward to. My sabbatical, my paid extended leave, my new life. My next adventure. There are so many good things about it I'd need an entire post to list them all. But for now I will just say that I am very happy.
I kicked off my long weekend by breaking my middle toe. .. I accidentally ran into my ten pound weight with my foot on the way to the closet. Further evidence that my bedroom is indeed the most dangerous place I go. The weight was camouflaged by a pile of clothes. I normally put the weights in a certain place but most likely was in a hurry that morning and set them down after the workout and forgot.
The hurt toe changed some of my plans but not all. I still took a very long dog walk with a friend Saturday morning. I just limped and went slow. I needed to move around, I think it was jammed, too. It popped and crackled a bit. I really have not slowed down until today (Sunday) because I had family in from CA - sister and one of the nieces. We all had dinner Friday night, and then I met up with them on Saturday after long dog walk and we visited brother in his new place. Saturday evening I visited my best friend from high school who recently moved to our old neighborhood. Whew! did I do all that? It was great, every bit of it.
Today I have slowed down. Instead of a long riverfront walk I parked close to the coffee house and went in and read, relaxed and savored my coffee. I took daughter and a friend and dropped them off at the theme park, taking the scenic route home. I did have to grocery shop but that's the most strenuous thing I've done all day. We were going to rock climb at the waterfalls tomorrow but the kids and I agreed that there may be no worse place for a broken toe than the rocky river falls. So we may do a matinee. I just love being off, being home and being in my happy places with the people I love.
I feel so good. I had to ask therapist and good friend who is also a therapist if I was delusional or something. They said no, that I just had a good attitude and a positive healthy outlook. I have been working hard laying a foundation for living. Maybe I am reaping the benefits in this time of need..
I can bike ride with the hurt toe, so this evening I am planning a nice ride around sunset. Right now I want to catch up on all the blogs and see how you guys are doing!!
More will be revealed!


jen said...

Cute dog! I think your therapist is right -- you're being realistic. You know you have good skills and experiences to bring to another employer, so you've set yourself up with all the overtime and your severance pay to take your time and find just the right next thing. In the meantime, enjoy your extra time with your family.

Laura N said...

Cindy! Such a positive post. So happy you are happy. I cracked UP at your "am I delusional?" question. I completely understand! You are right--you've laid the foundations, you've done the hard work, now it's time for your reward. Enjoy! Can't wait to go along with you on your new adventure.

The photo is adorable, too.

Helen said...

You inspired me to bike ride tonight...we went for miles and it was the most beautiful sunset I've seen at the beach in ages. :-) What fun! :-)

Doc Manette said...

Love the photo - you could start another blog of your puppy dog photos!

I think feeling joy and relief when you got your last time notification is so positive - I felt that way when I was laid off from work while on maternity leave - and I stayed home for six years - alas that will change in the fall.

Sorry about the broken toe . . . ouch!

Yoshiki Saito said...

Dogs are so cute.
I have a 7-yera-old Akita,which is unique kind to Japan. Long walk is good both for you and a dog! I might have to think of "walking dog diet". 20kg to lose is my mission possible,yet hard to be done.