Thursday, August 20, 2009

Working From Home

This week I am working from home. The hours are odd but the payoff is that I am home. I work from as early as I can get up - so far 4:30 is the earliest - until sometime in the middle of the day, take long break and work again for a couple of hours in the evening. I am doing online indexing of the documents we had scanned so I can do it from anywhere I have access to the internet. Today I am working two laptops, one from work and my laptop. I have a nice workstation set up surrounding my favorite chair. It is working out nice.

I have physical therapy three days each week so this schedule is works well for that because I have a block of time in the day where I am not working. My back is a bit of a mess, with arthritic things going on, but we are working on it. I am devoted to taking care of it without drugs and surgery. My doctor is optimistic about physical therapy type things. I am doing my exercises and showing up regularly. Right now we are using traction. It is my cervical spine, and it is from the accident over a year ago. I have not settled with the insurance company yet and I am glad of that. This could go on for a while. I am not willing to live life with so much pain. Physical therapy is nice because it is time just for me, for my well being.

Speaking of my well being, I got my blood results and I was a bit disappointed. My cholesterol ratio was 3 something which is good and my good cholesterol was high, but I was still above range in the bad cholesterol. To be honest, I should lose the last ten pounds and get on with a better diet. I still indulge in things not so great to eat. I have been content at my weight range but if I am going for the best health, I should take a look at changing my diet and sticking with it. I am happy that my exercise is good again, but I need an overhaul in the food department. Although I am way better than I used to be, there is much room for improvement.

I started a health binder. I put my blood work results, the suggested food plan information the doctor sent, and my notes on developing my program. It is a start. I will add to it and keep it in the kitchen. One nice thing about being at home is that I can cook better food to have on hand. I cooked a supply of steel cut oats yesterday, and some beans. I am able to track better when I am not on the go so much. I want to do this but I don't want to stress over it either. I have so much change going on with the ups and downs of the final days of the job that I have put off taking on any stringent food plans, but just a plan with some flexibility would make my life lower stress in the long run. So that is where I am with my food issues.

I took another happy bike ride on Sunday but I have not had any exercise excursions so far this week due to my odd work hours. I am going to find a way to fit in my exercise since in the morning when I used to do my workout I am on the computer and I cannot deviate from that time frame. So mid day will be open and also some time in the evening. It just takes commitment.

It's been a weird feeling off and on about all this work flux. My boss insists that this project be finished by my last day on October 2nd. I think that is unrealistic but I am working with her on trying to find a way. I may be supervising another crew soon so I am going to enjoy my time at home. In two weeks I will be supervising and training one person so my home hours will be interrupted but I will be working at that nice off site location by the river and my favorite coffee house.. Nothing is permanent, especially when your boss wants you gone by October 2nd!!

Speaking of coffee, for my health I also think perhaps I should give up caffeine, but right now I just can't do it...

More will be revealed..


Bea said...

Hey there. I just read a book called "Empowering Your Health" by Dr. Asa Andrew. A great book about healthy living. Turns out all the soy I am consuming might not be as good for me as I thought....

I weigh 195 and my cholesterol is great. Go figure. I think some of the cholesterol info is way misleading if not downright wrong.

Enjoy (if possible) and take advantage of all the physical therapy. Do not let anyone mess with you spine surgically until all other avenues have been explored.

I am having my own health issues. I have a lump in my left breast. Damn mammogram. I have to go in for a repeat x ray and "we'll see from there." I have cystic breasts so am not too worried. But as I guess as I am telling you, I am a little worried. Fat women have alot of excess estrogen floating around and breast tumors thrive on estrogen. Fooey. I hate getting involved with the health care system.

This is some organization you still work for. Is your boss losing her job?

Take care and keep your attitude up. Have you heard of RET? (see blog) Sounds like they use it for addiction treatment. I'd never heard of it. Okay letter is done.

Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Oh no...I totally missed your b-day!!! :-( It sounds like it was really much fun you are having out there!!! :-) I've been loving biking this summer...and tons more to come at Burning Man in a little over a week! :-)

Hope your toe is better soon!