Friday, July 24, 2009

Keeping my Joy

When I called my computer consultant about my wireless card's sudden lack of functionality he told me my laptop was a "lemon" and had been identified one on a list of HP laptops. He said they don't work on them and that the wireless card going out is the first sign that the motherboard is going bad. He told me he thought HP was doing something for people with the laptops. They go bad after a couple of years. I called HP and they told me it was too late. I only had until the end of April. I asked how I would know this and was told that they put it on their website. No recall, just some kind of upgrade but I don't get one. Now they won't talk to me at all. Instead of letting it steal my joy, I accepted it. I now share the 25 foot cable my grandson uses for his internet access, which runs from the router in my daughter's room. I backed up all my data and will do so every day from now on. Let the motherboard go out. I am making use of it while it works. And I can still get on the internet from home. It's not worth the anger, the frustration and what I went through with HP before. I don't ever have to do business with them again. Lesson learned.
I wore this dress to work yesterday and was paid many compliments which was great because I was having a "fat" feeling week. One person even told me I had great legs and my legs were what I felt the worst about. It's one of my good will summer dresses from last year - got it for about six dollars.
I had friends over last night - my very good friend and her husband. We ate together and he watched the baseball game with daughter while my friend and I talked. It was so nice. Then I met them again for coffee this morning before they left town. I need to do that more often. It was great. I got much encouragement for my writing aspirations.
I need to cut this short. Landlord is coming with a new remote for garage door. I am feeling good and keeping my joy intact!!


jen said...

HP makes good printers but obviously they don't stand behind their computers. Good for you for making the best of it! You do have great legs, btw.

Vickie said...
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Honor said...

Hi Cindy
Longtime lurker here (not for creepy reasons, just not sure of the etiquette) - opened the blog, saw the picture, and said (out loud although I live alone) wow, great legs. And, great attitude (on so many levels).
Thanks for the inspiration.

Laura said...

nice legs & great shoes too! That dress is adorable.

Great attitude about the laptop. You are right--that stuff is so not worth getting mad over. Hope it lasts for a long time. Stinking HP. there are a lot of great laptops for under $500 now a days. Maybe yours will last long enough for the price to get even lower.

Hope you have a good week!!

Bea said...

Thank you, thank you for this post. I was looking at an HP. I will run fast the other way.

Dress looks great and you do have nice legs.

What are your writing aspirations? When I get the new computer I am going to try to send some stuff to a few magazines. It is time I began to get real rejection notices rather than the imaginary kind.

Take care.