Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Quickie Afternoon Update

I had a nice weigh-in on Sunday (-3.5 lbs).  Friend and I decided to change to a Saturday morning 9 a.m. meeting.  Work and life are busy.  I am taking a few days off next week, so I will have five days off in a row starting on Friday night.  My son comes home to stay with us that evening and I wanted to be off a few days for the initial adjustments.  Must focus on taking care of me and taking care of the household, some spring cleaning is in order, which we have already started. 

I find my food in in a routine that did not require dramatic changes other than downsizing portions and eliminating some snack items altogether.  This fruit thing is not something I agree with though, because there are certain fruits I avoid - for example I have never found that I can lose weight while eating banannas.  Like nuts, for me they are difficult to manage. I want more.  I may be able to sprinkle a half of one in some cereal but it has not worked well in the past.  I hesitate to try it now. Maybe later. 

Focusing on keeping my moods in check and not over reacting to anything. Daughter had an anxiety/panic episode and we are dealing with that.  I have been able to help her more by staying calm myself and helping her focus on the here and now, etc.   Therapist is also very helpful with strategies.  I know this will pass.  My goal is to keep myself calm and steady and provide her the support she needs. 

Anyway, life is not perfect, but I'll take it. I am grateful for many things. Have to stop and make those mental gratitude lists from time to time.

More will be revealed.

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