Friday, March 2, 2012


I love Friday.  This has been a very good week. I have stayed in my parameters every day. I look forward to a weigh-in.  I am using whole foods for the majority if not all of my meals. Little mini-oranges, as I like to call them, save the day.  They give just enough of a taste and a sweetness for a safe and innocent in between meal refresher.  Doing a point analysis helps me sort out  the higher quality foods so that I get more out of what I eat.  I am making sure I get enough fiber and protein.   I no longer have that out of control, frustrated feeling.  I feel optimistic and good about myself. I feel like have something to look forward to.  I was in a muddy rut.  And now I am on pleasant and interesting path.


Vickie said...
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Cindy...154 said...

Plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese works best for me with the fruit. Even if it is just a couple of spoonfuls. Nuts are tricky for me, always have been, because I crave after I eat them. I have to sprinkle them in with something and make sure I don't have a bag around to dip into. Wish it weren't so but I have tested myself again and again with nuts.