Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I have always loved the holidays. This year being sick put me way behind on the prep work, plus it robbed me of my usual days off. I also had low energy leading up to the holidays, was behind on housework and could not get in the "spirit" - I felt very moody, angry, sad, and the like. And guilty for feeling like that. Well I had my own little scrooge moment on the morning of Christmas eve. I woke up and was immediately pissed when I saw that the kids stayed up playing monopoly and did not clean up like they said they wood. Ordinarily I'd be real happy they played games together but I was foul. I left in search of Christmas spirit.

I went to the riverfront. It is cobblestone streets and old buildings - looking straight out of Dickens Christmas Carol. They have people there dressed in costume and in full character roaming the streets. Jack Frost, a bunch of Santa's from around the world, the sugar plum fairy and a group of Victorian carolers, and a chestnut roaster. I bought a cigar and went in a pub. I had coffee and shrimp. As I enjoyed my smoke ( a very rare event) I read the Wall Street Journal. The headline article was about a man found dead from suicide in his New York office. An investment guy who worked for a company that apparently fraudulently bilked people and charities out of tons of money. The story got me. It changed me. So did the mood of the streets with the Christmas people. I asked the waiter for a phone, he let me use his. He had a picture of a baby on the screen. I asked if it was his. He said yes. This young man had three kids and was working Christmas eve I am sure to make enough money for the family. I enjoyed my leisure. I left a tip that was twice as much as the bill. I wanted to give him a gift.

My heart changed entirely. I came home and roused the children to go to this magical place with me. Daughter was reluctant. Grandson was game and even put on antlers for the occasion. We went out in the cold streets and were greeted by the characters. The sugar plum fairy kissed daughter. We told stories, rode in a horse drawn carriage, ate fresh roasted chestnuts as we stood by the fire (while they roasted). ///All of us agreed that we were uplifted by the whole thing.

What a beautiful thing. I love that heart changing magical place. We all agreed to go next year and get there earlier. The rest of the day was great, me cooking dinner, our drive to look at lights. I had a man over and he did the driving this year - too nice - especially if you all know the story of last year's man who did not drive. We had a wonderful Christmas eve.
I am grateful for the joy I can share. There is always joy.

PS I dyed my hair and we can talk about food another day....

Happy Holidays. I love you all!!!!!


Vickie said...
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Laura N said...

This post brought tears to my eyes, Cindy. What a wonderful experience the three of you shared. LOVE your darker hair. You and I must have been separated at birth! I darkened my hair this fall, too. I love it darker. Makes me feel more elegant, more serious. Know what I mean? And we will get this extra weight off. I'm going to do low carb for a while too. Some version of the crack diet, because it really works for me, if I just stick to it.

Happy New Year!! I'm so thankful to have you in my life.