Monday, December 29, 2008

Party's Over Day One

Today my food was great. Exercise was non-existent but I am happy just to have a carb down day to start the reversal of the past month willy-nilliness. I worked from home for the first few hours of the day because I overslept. I finished off the day at the office and was productive. I feel a slight downward spiral in the mood so I am going to supplement with comedy and tomorrow I will go to the gym for sure. Cardio will uplift my mood with it's positive brain chemical stuff. I was cheerful at work and made dinner for the kids. Now I am cozy in bed ready to end the day early. I think I am going to get on netflix and watch a funny movie in bed on my laptop. Or there is always my funny news shows on the TV. Anything to uplift my spirits.

Not ready to step on the scale yet but I think I will do it on Wednesday. I think I might re-program that Mary Lou scale that does not tell you the number, but keeps track of what you lose or gain over/under your mystery starting weight. I need a mystery right now.


Helen said...

Happy New Year!

I've gotten on the scale and it's NOT pretty. But when I get back to Normal next week, I am confident that things will look better. :-)

Anonymous said...

I never heard of a Mary Lou scale but will have to look for one. I enjoy your honesty--thanks.