Sunday, December 28, 2008

OK Party's Over

No freaking out over the scale. I enjoyed my holiday treats and now it's time to get back to basics. Like keeping track of food, cutting out the simple carbs, sweets and so on. And back to the the gym, (I did that yesterday) and the file room workouts and so on. My new Normal. The Normal I got away from when I was sick, and the Normal I miss now after a month without it. No freaking out about tight clothes. No giving up, no self loathing. Just back to basics and accepting the here and now at the same time. No one seems to notice my gain but me. No one else is obsessed with my body. So I can relax and get back to calm peaceful routine of eating sanely and normally. I want to do some low carb for a few days to detox, but don't want to go to extremes. So tomorrow is back to the office and back to the basics! Updates to follow.

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Helen said...

Love your new hair and so glad you are finally back and feeling better!! I am with you -- the party is over -- SOON. :-) Happy New Year!!