Friday, January 30, 2009

Better Habits

I am inching into better habits. Last night I called it a night and quit eating after dinner. What a concept! I have had more gym visits due to daughter's 7 day pass and grandson's membership. Daughter is going to join but must have some nice workout clothes. Typical girl...I think I can swing some for her even though I am on a spending wisely and get the bare minimum.. I am thrilled she is doing this so I want to support the effort. Need to do my marketing ASAP because I am out of lettuce... a near crisis at our house!

My body feels better, my legs feel more toned, my belly is still out there though, not what it was last summer, but it can get there easily. We are only talking about 8 pounds actually. And I am not going to let it discourage me into bad habits!!

Speaking of positive. I have a co-worker who has been badgering the other paralegal to start "putting her resume out there" and the other day she said some stuff to me along that lines. I promptly told her I was staying with this company until the day they tell me to leave because it is a very good job. I am not making any fear based decisions about employment and it irritated me to have her talk to me that way. I thought maybe she wanted me to leave so it would make her feel more secure with additional work even though she is an attorney. But that's most likely a little paranoid on my part. I have a great job, and to look now and take another position would not give me any more job security at a new place (things are tough all over) PLUS I have six weeks of paid time off and I seriously doubt any new job would give me that - so I'm going to enjoy my time off days, my current salary, and think positive for pete's sake!!! I work for a profitable company that is still making plenty of money last time I checked.

Now, that being said I could get my walking papers tomorrow - but I would still not regret my decision. We get severance packages around here. I am going to work hard and enrich my education if possible and make the most of what I have!!! Besides, worrying makes me eat, and I hate when that happens..


Laura N said...

It sounds like you are digging out of the winter blahs, Cindy! I know you'll be back to your happy weight before long.

You were very smart about that conversation on the job thing. You might be paranoid, but you also might not be. People can be back stabbers--even the ones you would never suspect. And your job sounds great, with the 6 weeks off you've earned & the still-profitable company. I bet you're going to be fine.

I'm a mess right now. There's just no way I can even think of eating healthy. I have no coping mechanism except bad for me food right now. I hate not being in control of my life, and not having my home or my fridge or my healthy food in the freezer or a dry road to run on or a gym to go to is driving me slowly insane. I'm going to go to the hotel for one more night of calm. Then after that, it's get the kids back (which is good--I miss them!) and move in with our friends until we get our power back on. They are saying it could be WEEKS now, no longer "well into next week." I just hope I can survive until then! Well, I'll survive, but I might weigh 200 pounds again.

Please say a prayer for me, friend. Thank you!!

Doc Manette said...

Golly, I dislike the office "now it alls". Grrr. But I love your positive thinking!!!

I hope the ice is beginning to melt in your area.

Also, I loved your previous post - especially the strategic shopping . . . something I haven't done in seven months.

Doc Manette said...

Sorry - I meant "know" it alls. My mind is always running and even though I think I proof read before hitting publish . . . Grrr.

Helen said...

I wish someone would do a study/write a book completely about the nighttime eating. I swear -- I am totally in control in the day, but nighttime is DANGEROUS. And I hear a lot of us say that. I actually make myself go to bed early sometimes just to keep from eating...

Glad you're feeling better back on the path...I hope to be there with you soon (post-birthday indulgences)... ;-)