Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Live Lightly

The words "live lightly" popped into my mind this morning. Not just about food. About everything. I want to a speak softer, spend less money, go easier on others, myself and the earth, and practice an attitude of lightness in all my affairs. Lighter on worry. No extremes of any kind. I want to relax. This lightness of mind naturally includes eating lighter, but not holding myself to extremes or rigid plans. Just light. Smaller portions, lighter food, and so on.

I want to pay all my bills and go lightly on money where I can. I don't want to make impulsive decisions or spend money I could save. There appears to be a relationship between over spending and over eating in my history. They often go hand in hand. It's that reaching for outer things to satisfy a desire from within.

I had a flat tire the other day. At first I felt it was the worst thing that could possibly happen. But after I got out and began changing the tire I realized how empowering it felt to change the tire myself. I went in and got the kids and showed them how a tire is changed. I dropped the tire off to be fixed and was debating on buying at least two new tires. I decided not to act in haste and see how I felt about it when I picked up the repaired tire. I did not get a good feeling about the tire buy, or even having my tires rotated when I picked up the tire so I just took my repaired tire home.

I think I will rotate those tires myself with the kids. It will be a great exercise in the tire change training. I am having a friend over to look at my tires and give me an opinion on their wear. I want good tires, but I don't want to waste what life these still have. They are not worn out at all, just a bit worn. As long as they are safe, I think I should use them, in keeping with lighter spending and going lighter on waste. And perhaps, lighter driving!

Anyway, I will hang on to my inspiration. Grandson is joining my gym. I need a workout buddy.

More will be revealed....

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Laura N said...

Loved this post, Cindy. I'm the same way about spending $ to feel better. But that's sure changed since this economy shift. I think it is for lots of people. I'm much more mindful of every penny. Shopping on a budget. Not buying stuff for any of us. It's rather freeing, like when you eat good food & skip the junk, & feel so much better about everything.

I hope you are okay!! Miss you.