Friday, January 2, 2009

Day One of Re-programed Scale

Ok. Today was my swollenest, puffiest day. I did not want to weigh in but I decided to do it because ducking the truth gets me in trouble. I ate shrimp, pork roast, drank diet soda, and had salty popcorn and a bunch of celery yesterday. All salty. But I don't care. I re-programmed the mystery scale at this highest weight. So it is all down hill from here. I still fit my pants but I don't like the bulges. I like it when I am regularly working out. I realize sometimes I will have lapses, and gains but it is VERY IMPORTANT in fact, CRUCIAL to get back on track as fast as possible. Perhaps some day my slips will be shorter and have less impact. This is the worst I think I have had but that makes it scarier. So, consider me scared straight for now.

I am invoking all the good things I have learned. Except one thing I won't give up yet and that is my coffee. I will measure my creamer, though, and maybe even give it up, too. I am prepared with my baked chicken breast, eggs to boil, etc. I am going to use the Mary Lou scale to get ten pounds down. Then take a look at things. I never got down as low as I wanted to, and to be honest I could even be happy at what I am now, but I need a cushion to fluctuate in, and I am not there.

Right now I just want my habits back. My tracking, my lean protein, my portions and most of all my workouts. I did some ab work yesterday and I still have my strength. I can still do things, just not feeling as nimble, and fit.

I am hoping someday when I am reaching for those goodies, that I stop and think "Do I really want to have to work even harder to deal with the consequences?" because sweets impact me...they start that trend toward more sweets, and then more other stuff, and then just plain I really want to do that?

For today I am drinking lots of water and thinking positive. Negative thoughts will make things worse. I have a prison visit today...vending machines...but they have bottled water...

More will be revealed.


Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Cindy -- you need to get on Facebook!!!! I am too lazy to log in, sorry, but I hope you'll see this is me. If you were on FB, you could see all the silly NYE photos. P.S. Alone in bed is not bad until you have The One (like I am lucky to)...and maybe sometimes even not then!! ;-)

Laura N said...

Hey Cindy,
I am SO you. Except I haven't straightened myself out yet. Otherwise, everything you said is me. My pants fit, but the view from behind is not lean. I miss my workouts, so much. I miss my food plans. But I haven't gotten myself out of the rut, yet. I agree, though, that the gain has to be contained. I'm not going to get higher than I am now. I just can't!

I'm on FB, too. It's really fun. So if you get on, and find Helen, then look for me in her friends. Or just look me up. You have my last name & town. :)

Hope you are having a good week.