Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Quickie

In June I think I lost two more pounds, and I kept off the May loss. So things are moving along. I feel good. I had a nice doctor's appointment. My weight was a pound less than it was last August. We did blood work so I will get to see the difference weight loss has made in my cholesterol. It was to the edge when I was at my high weight. My ratio was just up to the end of normal. I have been getting more exercise and also improving my attitude at work.

My day trip Saturday was fun. I was sleep deprived, though, but even on top of that I had a good time. I needed to get away and relax and have some fun. Also, my friend is handy at fixing things. A call from my tenant came in on the way home and he offered to go take a look at the dryer. I was so tired I did not want to do it but he said let's just go do it. So we did. He took the back off and was sitting behind it a for a while. I came in to check and he had fished a pair of women's underwear from the motor fan. The dryer was fixed. I was overjoyed. It was also funny. In fact, on my way home I could not call the tenant and tell her the dryer was working because I was laughing too hard. Him sitting back there tossing the undies to me and explaining the situation..

Anyway, my work week has had its ups and downs. But yesterday seemed to be a breakthrough for me. I feel like the fever broke and I am on my way to better mental health where the office is concerned. The doctor prescribed something to help me sleep which is actually an old anti-depressant that they quit using for depression because it makes people drowsy. I think I am getting the benefits from it now. Sleep and some anti-depressant treatment.

Whatever it is I will take it. I rode my bike at 6 a.m. yesterday, and again in the evening. I grilled on the newly renovated gas grill (handy friend rebuilt it on Sunday) on my patio two nights in a row. I have a sense of well being more now than I have had for a while.

More will be revealed. I plan to catch up on my blogging this weekend. Looking forward to a no-plans weekend of piddling around the house and yard, and sleeping..and doing whatever I feel like.


Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Grilling is so healthy! We've been doing it a lot this summer. :-)

Details on new friend? Handy is excellent...I lucked out with DB because he is a handy one too. :-)

Vickie said...
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