Thursday, June 25, 2009


The talking scale has been playing happy music and cheering me this week. I took an nice walk with a nice guy on Tuesday. It was a hot evening but we were on a shaded trail so it worked out nicely. I took many photos. I had fun. Work has been stressful. I am taking tomorrow afternoon off. Saturday I am getting up at 3 a.m. to go on a little day trip with the nice guy. We will see the sunrise out in the country and he will fish for a bit and then we will explore some junk/antique shops. It is supposed to be very hot that day. I need tomorrow afternoon to prepare. I have wardrobe issue to address. I'd like to take a dip in a swimming area and want to have the right attire. Swimming attire is a delicate issue...
I need to take more breaks, have more fun and let more go. Daughter is still keeping the kitchen clean. It has been a week now of clean and empty sinks. It makes a huge difference for me.
I am also excited that next weekend is a three day weekend.
On carb deplete - I still get a mental impairment/mood impact from it. I have to do a modified version. Must be something about my chemical makeup. But whatever it is I have to watch out and be very careful..
More will be revealed.


Helen said...

Hmmm...interesting. I was ok on carb deplete after the first day. Adding back the (few) carbs the next week made things a little more challenging. The fun of seeing the scale go down every day took care of me the first week... ;-)

Bea said...

Good grief. I don't read for a few days and you have suitors and a clean kitchen. Ain't life grand?

I got the Crack book. I will start when our darn parties are done. You would think we were the most popular couple on earth to look at our calendar. Not. It is just some sort of fluke. I am trying to hold on and not gain any more until I can diet in peace. Wow. Has been a while since I longed to forgo carbs. A good sign I think. Happy trails.