Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am tired today because my daughter and I knitted into the wee hours last night. It was my first project and it got a little out of control. I kept mysteriously adding stitches and my scarf had to be terminated early. It would make a nice headband maybe or some sort of knitted collar or even a hood of sorts. I love the yard, and I have started again and can keep track of my stitches so I do not have the same problem again. I had a productive weekend in some ways and not so productive in others.

We put up Christmas lights. I really like our little display. I shopped yesterday morning and picked out a few things. Grandson helped me put them up. They look nice. Not too much and not too little. Simple. I also put up the tree and got the lights on it plus my little shrine of angels and ornaments dedicated to my two sons. I set up the little village and figures and other items that decorate the entertainment center, and even hung stockings on the mantle. Now we just have the rest of the tree decorating to do.

I have even watched a few of my holiday movies. Last year I don't think I got around to it. This year I am starting early and enjoying my collection. I collect different versions of A Christmas Carol, and other holiday movies. I love watching them with the glow of the tree lights nearby.

Got a good walk in yesterday but was too tired today for anything. I can't stay up late anymore, it makes me too tired the next day. I did not go overboard with food this weekend but I did not have a very good food plan, either so I suppose I am still in maintenance mode and not losing mode yet. I want to be in losing mode but I have to do the work. I have had an aversion to green veggies and any veggies for that matter the past week or so. Very odd for me. But I made a big salad yesterday and am prepared for the week with my veggie supply.

Planning to go to the gym on my way home tomorrow. I even prepped a casserole for the kids to pop in the oven for their dinner so I don't have to worry about that. As for me I hope to nibble lightly after a workout.

More will be revealed!


Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Thanks for reminding me about holiday movies...I love White Christmas...have to dig it out one of these nights... ;-)

Vickie said...
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