Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Inspiration

Today's inspiration came from Knit, Run, Repeat. I was reminded of perseverance. Never giving up. It has been a while since I wrote about that. I have felt myself to be in a slump, maintaining the greater share of my overall loss but longing to get those ten pounds off. I stay gentle with myself, though, because I can turn a goal into a cycle of self abuse....seeing myself as a failure and using it to bash myself.

So this past year I mainly focused on working very hard at my job and dealing with the impending job loss, and the resulting job change. It was great to not gain tons of weight with the stress of it all. It was fantastic to work very hard and have it pay off. It was even more fantastic to see it as an opportunity (most of the time) and the get some help (therapy) during the thick of it all. My weight loss was on the back burner but maintaining and not gaining over that scare weight threshold was not.

I can pick my battles and draw my lines. My life has to be a balance of sorts. Self acceptance at any weight, phase, state of mind, or ANY situation is crucial. Essential. It is wonderful to want better, it is good to set goals. But it is the foundation of my peace of mind to find the joy, beauty and love right where I am at this moment, this day, this body, and this life in the here and now - NO MATTER WHAT....

More will be revealed and thanks to the running knitter!

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