Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting Better

My food portions are down and my choices are good. No junk, no long food affairs in front of the TV this week. So the pounds are coming off but I am just now getting back to where I was so I can start getting back to where I was going.

I want to stop getting side tracked. Speaking of side tracked, the Weed goes to the new gym I joined, every day apparently and I ran into him last week. I have not been back since but that's really not the reason. It was not fitting in with this week's evening schedule and yesterday I had stuff going on. So today I must go. MUST. I thought about paying dues at the other gym for going during the week but was trying not to have two memberships. Daughter still has a membership at old gym so maybe I could pay by the month until hers runs out and we could go together.

I noticed lately that I spend time thinking about stuff and then I don't do it. I have the desire to do things but I don't. I am wondering about the anxiety and depression that runs in my family. I often feel stuck like I just can't do things, or very overwhelmed not knowing which to do first and it seems there are so many that I do none. This is probably some form of anxiety. Not being able to just pick them off one at a time but instead feeling like I need to hide from them all. Just simple tasks and then other bigger projects, too.

Well, I will pick something to do today, off the medium sized list and then make a list of smaller things because I am concerned about this trait lately. My quality of life could be improved if I just did things.

The cold here rages on and I don't mind it a bit. I like putting on warm things. I like boots. I like fires.

More will be revealed. I am going to try and go do something, anything!


Vickie said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope you are okay. It has been a long time since you posted and I miss your thoughtful insights.

A long time reader in Illinois

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