Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hiking Boots

I bought my hiking boots on Saturday morning and broke them in that afternoon. I took a rocky trail that climbed very high and looped around for over three miles. It was great. Out in the quiet woods. It was strenuous and I felt great afterward. The boots kept my feet protected from the sharp rocks. They gripped well and my feet felt stable. They are not too heavy even though they are sturdy. Sunday I took shorter trail, mostly flat with the dog. We ran into a cotton mouth snake. It struck at the dog but missed and then the dog moved back towards the snake and I had to jerk the leash and run the other way. I need to bring the camera on my next hike. I have missed some photo opportunities in the wild. I am enjoying my new walking/hiking passion very much. And my legs feel stronger. A pound came off. I am getting a bit frustrated about the sluggish weight loss but not letting it get me down. I just keep moving on and trying every day.


Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Hi Cindy...where are you? I may not post much, but I am here reading and I haven't seen you on FB either! ;-)