Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life is Good

I have a "no-plans" weekend spread out in front of me and it feels so good. The boyfriend and I weren't very compatible afterall. After the initial infatuation period was dwindling the reality was we did not have that much in common, and there were some traits about him that I decided I did not want to experience. So, we were able to break it off without too much drama. At least I think so, I don't feel dramatic about it at all. It was tempting, though at first. I will continue to date but apply what I learned in this instance, and keep things light. The too much too soon thing does not work well for me, I find.

I had three good gym workouts this week. My food is pretty good, and I feel balanced. I feel acceptance and peace. I love that. I find that I have forgiven any and all of my ex boyfriends. This dating experienced showed me how much I have grown and healed in the past few years. It is truly amazing. I feel very good about myself. I also still love my job, now that is a MIRACLE!!!

I want to focus more on balance. I love the feeling. I had started to feel some anxiety with the relationship and that is how I knew it was not the right fit for me. Among other things. But now I feel ok. I took care of me, and was as good as I can be to the other person.

I planted flowers last weekend and have more to plant this weekend. It is too wet to get my junge of weeds cut, but I can drop in some big lillies I bought, and put in some containers of impatients.

More will be revealed!!

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Laura N said...

Hi Cindy. I'm glad you are writing again! Good to hear you found balance and breakup was not a big deal. Very healthy for you, emotionally.