Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time for Commitment, and Adventure!!

OK, I have enjoyed a phase of eating basically what I want and not going over a certain ceiling weight. But I no longer want to be at this ceiling because it is too heavy for how I want to feel, and dress. I am ready for a commitment to positive change. And disciplined, mindful eating. I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore, but I will keep on writing because it has been the catalyst of positive change for me since 2006!
My workouts are going well. I now have a weekly workout date with a friend who showed me new things to do at the gym compliments of her personal trainer. I am working out more often. I am walking on lunch hours and getting busy after work as well.

It's the food now. I have not even had a plan for a long time. So I am going back to lean protein, no whites, and fresh veggies. I will sketch my day's food each morning or the night before.

I am exploring more now that I work in an interesting part of the city. I am getting brave about going out and doing new things. Saturday night I went to a Brazilian club for live entertainment which included dancing lessons. It was a good workout and fun. Last night I walked in the botanical gardens with a friend. There are things to do most nights of the week, that are free and involve moving my body!! And enriching my mind, too.

So, here is my commitment to taking care of myself by planning my food, eating less and eating better. And, to new adventures!!

More will be revealed...

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Laura N said...

I'm reading. :)

Good for you for recommitting. I think regular blogging helps immensely. Gets the junk out of our heads where we can think more clearly.