Monday, June 22, 2009


Helen's progress on the carb deplete (a/k/a Crack Diet) has inspired me to do a little carb depleting of my own, and to find the book and re-educate myself. Today is my first day and I am feeling fine. I feel like I need to detox because I was having evening carbs last week and the scale was up and down. In spite myself I was at my lower weight today, keeping off my May loss. I want a loss for June and June is almost over but I think I will come out ahead. I have been feeling positive and motivated. I am walking more and eating better. Daughter had a small birthday party for a friend over the weekend and I was good (not perfect) about avoiding the goodies.

My weekend was busy but in a good way. I even finished my gardening projects. I added some trusty petunias for color. I tend to have good luck with them, and impatients. I like things that bloom all the time. My visit with my parents was nice, although a little short. I went by myself on Sunday morning and came back in the evening. My father is getting more and more impaired. I brought my laptop and showed him pictures on the big screen. He enjoyed that very much. I will be doing more of that. I also took the afternoon off today so I could go to the therapist (Hooray for the EAP and my 8 free visits!!) and take the kids to the dentist. I feel great that we are all getting taken care of.

My drive to see my folks was amazing because of the wildflowers blooming in the bright sunlight. I stopped numerous times and ran up and down the two lane highway in my flipflops taking pictures. They were spectacular. I enjoyed it so much and I had not expected such a treat.

I feel very upbeat and positive. Better than I have felt in months. I am going to enjoy every moment of it and build upon it.

Day one of my version of carb deplete almost finished...


Vickie said...
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Helen said...

The thing I'm hoping about this is that it's really maintainable (at least to some extent) long term. I do not feel hungry unless I have more carbs than my body is now used's really an addiction and I never got that before. DB is now down almost 20 lbs. in 3 weeks and I'm down almost 12 in two weeks. It's a lot easier doing it together...most days! ;-)

Doc Manette said...

Beautiful picture.

I'll be interested in your posts about your success with carb depleting.

Glad you are taking advantage of the EAP. Immediately after our ordeal, my son begged me to take him to a counselor - bless his heart, he reminded me of Richard Lewis, saying "I need counseling"! Unfortunately, the weasel was let go from his company and his HR dept. would not help me.

But it all worked out.