Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ups and Downs

I have been sort of consumed with my job. I worked 16 hours of overtime in a one week period. You'd think I'd lose weight but I did not. I ate weird because I had less time to prepared. I am not too worried about it but I am being more careful. It has been stressful. I am supervising a project and under constant pressure to accomplish more and more. They keep sending me more people to put on the project and I have to train and supervise them all. Tomorrow they are sending me nine. I hit a point today where I just surrendered to it all and my attitude got better. I am finding the humor in it again and trying to stay positive.

I don't know when I will get my notice. Could be later could be sooner. It's all uncertain. So my concept of staying in today needs to be dusted off and applied. I have a hefty paycheck, enough extra to pay off my balance on my credit card. I am looking again at the bright side. I also found out that my favorite therapist is a provider in our employee assistance program and I can see her 8 times for free, yes FREE. I got Grandson in therapy now, and now me. Daughter said she'd go to some sessions with a therapist, too .. since it's free we thought we'd get it while we can.

I was having trouble sleeping for a solid week or so. But the past couple of nights have been good. I just want to get good sleep, eat right and try and keep up with some exercise. And above all else - stop stressing out and enjoy each day the best I can.

That's my quickie update. More soon..


Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Good for you for staying positive! Like Vickie, I'm impressed with your ability to lose and maintain during this crazed time!

I'm doing the Crack-the-Fat thing right now and thank you and Laura for turning me on to it...I hope to keep some of the principles I'm learning in my continuing process. :-)