Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tally for May

I lost four pounds in May so I am out of my slump and losing my winter gain. I feel better already. My pants were loose and comfortable yesterday where they had been snug before. Sunday my daughter and I went shopping for summer dresses. I bought three dresses and a skirt. Long dresses are everywhere this year - the Maxi as they call it. I bought one but while it covers the legs it exposes the arms, back and shoulders. I am not that confident about those body areas yet but may feel ok about exposing them soon. I am not sure where I'd where the dress but it was very pretty and flattering in it's shape and style to my figure. I may return it or put it up here for a vote if I have time. I'm wearing my skirt today, it's a long, ruffle style. I like it very much. Feel like I should be out salsa dancing.

Have to make this quick. I am working overtime again this week. Another intense ASAP project. But the extra money will be great - to pay for the clothes I bought over the weekend.

More will be revealed...


Vickie said...
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denise said...

Good for you on the loss AND the new dresses. I want to get some new summer dresses, but I hate to buy them in the size I am in...hmmmmm...guess I better get going on the weight loss:)
Dancingly, Denise
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Bea said...

Bye Cindy. See you when I get back.

Doc Manette said...

Yay to new clothes, especially flattering ones. That must be the ultimate feeling when you know clothes look good on you - I hope to feel that one day.

And congratulations on losing 4 pounds in May. Sounds like it was a very successful month.