Sunday, November 15, 2009

Biking for Distance

Today I challenged myself on my bike ride. I did an eight mile round trip and tried to work on speed and endurance. I went four miles took a short water break and had small snack and then turned around and went the four miles back. It was a great workout. I don't usually go that far and I never measure really or time myself. It was nice to have a goal and to feel like I accomplished something. I know I can go further, but this was good for today. Then I had my cozy coffee experience afterward. It got steadily colder during the day so I am glad I rode when I did. It is raining now.

There may not be as much nice weather since we are into mid-November now but I plan to ride when I can and now that outdoor activity is limited I guess I can start hitting the gym again. I want to pay up a membership where there is a pool. I miss swimming!

Got to get to sleep for now. Trying to bump up the exercise before the next eating holiday. I love warm fires and baking. Today I cooked a roast. I can still bake and roast, just have to make sure I do it in a way that does not sabatoge my healthy eating!

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