Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Eating Holiday Detox

Thanksgiving went pretty good. I did not get that uncomfortable way too full feeling, did not load up on desserts, etc. I did eat more than normal. I did enjoy what I ate. Daughter and I talked about holiday depression afterwards because seeing my father in his condition and then stopping by and seeing my brother had an impact on her this year. Family events always have an impact on me. She talked about how things will never be like they used to be at holidays. This year my father went in his room at dinner time and did not want to come out to the table to eat. We understood. Nobody took it personally. He was overwhelmed for one thing. He had sat at the dining room table for longer than usual while we were having the appetizer/relish tray and he also came out and sat for quite a while having dessert.

We don't get to have all the family together for a number of reasons right now. My brother can't be around Dad because the Alzheimer's has impacted Dad in a way that makes him a little hostile toward my brother, and my brother's mental illness adds to it, and makes it hard for him to understand what is going on with my Dad. So brother had Thanksgiving alone but for the brief stop by from the kids and me on our way home dropping off dinner to him. My sons are not able to be with any of us - we have to visit them in separate parts of the state. So, yes, holidays are not big family gatherings. I guess I have grown used to it. But when Daughter pointed it out this year we had a long talk about that sort of thing. We also talked about how we want to deal with holidays this year. Our idea is to focus on giving, and we chose a couple of charities we like.

I felt tired and off focus on Friday and I had to go in to work. Long story about time off and holidays, very confusing. I could have been off and from now on will take off on holidays. I was at my pre-holiday weight on Saturday morning which was good, but Saturday I developed what I consider a migraine, in fact looking back now I believe it started Friday. So Saturday was tricky. I joined a new gym with a wet area on Friday night but Saturday I just could not get it together to bike ride or go to the gym. We opted for a movie night. And I ordered pizza. I got that uncomfortable full feeling, and I ate too much.

So now comes the detox part. I slept really good last night and for a long time. I got up and the migraine feelings were all gone. I detoxed today. I drank water, I went to the gym. I had cardio, steam room and sauna. I did lower body resistance machines. It felt good and eased the post holiday blues. I ate very little all day and had a nice dinner with the kids in the evening which did not involved any over eating or unhealthy trigger foods. I feel really good right now. Looking back on the pizza thing, I don't really know how bad it was actually except that I got too full. It was thin crust and pretty light for pizza that is, but I just had too much of it, plus a large helping of salad in addition to what I ate waiting for the pizza guy... But that's over now and time to move on.

I will see if I am back to my pre-holiday weight again in the morning. I am glad I joined the new gym. It is not far from home and it has everything I like. The pool is not so big but technically has four lanes. There is only one divider, though and then there are two striped lanes in each divided area. So sharing is important and I am timid being around big time swimmers but I will get in there and do my thing. There are yoga classes, too, and I think I might do a water class. I am looking forward to it. I love the steam room. I feel so good afterward.

So I am detoxing from the holiday. There were good parts and not as good parts. Sad elements and happy ones. I took a walk in the woods and I took Daughter for driving practice on the country road at Mom and Dad's place. There are many things to be grateful for but I do need to deal with the grief. I've been stuffing feelings lately so probably a good thing that Daughter is vocalizing things now.

More will be revealed..

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