Monday, November 2, 2009

Proclamation Extension

The candy is gone now (hooray!) and I ate none of it. I have extended the Proclamation to any sweets for now. The sweetest thing I have eaten are my frozen blueberries and the fresh crispy apples. Today I am grateful for New Job. I am grateful for Ezekiel sprouted wheat bread which I finally decided to try. The price put me off before, but when I shopped for office food I decided it would be handy because it comes frozen. So far a loaf has lasted from last week into this week. It satisfies without making me crave more. It is amazing actually. I am grateful for Our Lady of Weight Loss. I have been reading from her two books each night at bedtime. Also I have Wisdom Cards published by Hay House (Louise Hay) that I flip through before sleep. They are positive statements with drawings and bright colors. I love them.

It has been a week now since I started my new eating habits and I feel very good about it.. I naturally gravitate to the veggies and lean meat. I cut up fresh veggies tonight so I would have a supply. I boiled eggs and made salmon salad. I was tired but determined. It is so rewarding to be prepared. So today I am also grateful to be prepared. And grateful for my friends who are landlords who recommended a lawyer to assist with the Situation a/k/a operation Love Boat. You have to read this past Friday's post to understand the name.

Anyway as always, more will be revealed!!!


Laura N said...

You sound like things are going very well.

Your renter sounds like a mess. You are handling it professionally & without eating. Yay you! Good luck, I hope it all goes OK.

Bea said...

I think one of the things I like best about you is that you take care of yourself. You are an inspiration in this area. How long will it take me to FEEL that over eating is not taking care of myself? I know this in my head but my emotions never seem to get the message. I feel food will take care of my problems while knowing it will only make things worse.

What is it that changes the "stinking feeling" that the addiction of choice will be a help rather than a hindrance? Is it the self care? Do you have to truly take care of yourself in-spite of not wanting to? Is this the key to a change in feeling? When trouble comes I go immobile and eat. I want to be able to make the move to care for myself. You are mastering this. Explain how you are doing it.

Good job with the bad check. Mark gets those allot only much later in the process. People always want to be kind and try to give the check writer the benefit of the doubt. Usually a waste of time.

Thanks for you kinds words about Socks. I appreciate them. Take care.