Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I bought myself a netbook or notebook or mini as it is called. I have been planning this for a while. I wanted an easy transaction. I wanted to walk in a retail store and buy something off the shelf, stress free at a price I could live with. I wanted it to work right away and it to feel easy.

So tonight I was shopping with the idea that if the opportunity arose I would look. If you guys recall I had a nightmare of an experience buying my laptop over the phone and had problems upon problems and most of it centered on customer service over the phone. So, tonight I was out and popped in an office supply store to look. They had what I wanted in a couple of brands and sizes. The manager had lots of time to spend with me and when he was called away he had a techie guy hang out with me. I know business is slow and I am glad to buy from people these days because it helps the economy. But I am very impressed with good honest customer service. These guys actually sold me the smaller less expensive model. The guy kept telling me from time to time that the one that cost more was not in comparison that much better for the money.

It was great really. It was easy. I got to ask all my questions, play with the products and he threw in a free case. If my mini goes on sale on black Friday or any time in the next thirty days or so, I get the price difference or something like that. I have real people to call about it. Or even go see for service. I even bought the protection plan so if it falls out of my backpack, or I drop it down the stairs I can get it fixed or replaced. He also stressed that if I don't like it I can return it within 30 days after trying it out. I feel so good about this. I got the little guy out in the car and packed it in its case and went straight to a free wifi coffee joint. I set it up in a matter of 15 minutes and have been happily blogging ever since.

I can slip this little notebook in my purse. The screen is big enough for my older eyes to see all I want to see, the keys on the keyboard are big, and it is very user friendly. Happy Happy joy joy. I want to hide it from the kids for as long as possible. I have missed blogging at the coffee house so much. And being mobile with the laptop.

Anyway, I had a pretty good bike ride (actuall two) today but I am still lugging around the extra weight I do not want. I have to put it in perspective, though. Tonight when I was out I stopped in a store because I saw a sweater I liked. The sales lady came to greet me and I told her I thought the sweater was pretty. She very sweetly told me none of the clothes there would fit me because it was a plus sized store. I still feel big but people see me as normal sized. I told her the clothes were all so cute and she jokingly said "you will just have to eat more!" Well, I won't be doing that.

In fact I have decided to eat less, but savor more. That's my motto for today and the holidays. Eat less, savor more. Eat less, love more. Eat less, move more. Eat less, play more. Eat less, run more. Eat less, walk, bike, dance.. more. You get it...


Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

what ended up happening with your rental lady?