Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Decisions, Dreams and Goals

I have been doing an e-class or coaching session on happiness. Today begins week 4. Since I began I have made it a point to do some things towards my dreams, goals, and happiness. Here are a few - I bought the better camera I have been wanting. Even though I have not had much time to devote to photography I have used it for prom and volleyball and a few random artsy shots. I get a free class with it and plan to sign up next week. I also had my daughter upload different types of music on the Ipod I inherited from her. My current favorite is bossa nova. Music makes me happy and gives such flavor to life. I use the Ipod at work and it makes me feel better. I began reading again for enjoyment and relaxation, especially at bedtime. There are others but yesterday I made more major decisions. I set a goal and signed up to do the Body for Life 12 week challenge. When I was 200 or so pounds I bought all the books but did not do it because it was too daunting. I liked that the plan was flexible and reasonable. I don't have to buy products unless I want to, I can work out anywhere, and so on.

So, I have made a decision, I have a goal and it relates to a dream of transformation. The last ten pounds never came off and I have been drifting up and down in the area just above a normal body mass index. I dream of more energy, and fitness. I also dream of inspiring other people. I will not officially start for a week or so but I am reading, preparing, planning, visualizing and so on in advance.

I want to start and finish something. Twelve weeks seems very attainable. It is not a rigid program I like the way it is set up. I am going to share the goal and my participation with people to help me keep going.

So transformation is my dream and goal and I have a plan. Transforming to the healthier me. No longer teetering back and forth on the cusp of high cholesterol and over the BMI. I want to wear shorts and a tank top with confidence. I can do this!!

So, I am getting pumped and psyched and all that jazz.

More will be revealed..


Vickie said...
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Cindy...154 said...

I can't remember how I originally heard about it but I know back in maybe 2003 or somewhere in the 200 pound years I looked at it online and ordered the video and book. I still have them in my library. The concept is easy, eat small meals every few hours of recommended foods (the lean ones with most nutrition for calories) and alternate cardio one day and weight training the other day for 3 days of cardio and 3 days of weight training. I am giving the very basic description. I like that it is not extreme and cautions against over exercising. It is balanced and do-able. Plus you take before photos, answer some questions and write about your transformation. On the website there is a PDF to download that gives a description. I just need to do something and that one looks good to me. You don't have to use the meal replacement bars, shakes etc. I think to enter the contest you have to have bought one product one time. You can get a nutrition bar for 1.99 at a gas station. So low, or no cost, balanced and realistic.

Frances Kuffel said...

I love the "small" changes you've made. They are a lot like the ones I NEED to make and haven't. I've become addicted to silence in my apartment. It's extremely difficult to fathom putting a CD on or watching television or listening to the radio. & yet -- these are the things of stimulation, sociability, currency. You may have inspired me to do something out of my ordinary today. Thank you.

Helen said...

Music really does make a difference...lately, I have my Hindu chants on my way to work to calm me for the day and my Muse on the way home to pump me up for the evening. :-) I love bossa nova too...a lot. :-)

Vickie said...
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