Thursday, June 9, 2011

All is Forgiven - MOVE ON

I am using the Our Lady of Weight Loss mantra today. Monday and Tuesday were near perfect food days, but I was a pound up on Wednesday and it really ticked me off. I went to the gym, had a great workout and then went to the grocery. I set myself up by buying a box of weight loss brand ice cream bars. I NEVER do this. And here is why, by midnight I had consumed them all. I hate to admit this. It is the first time I have done this type of thing in ages. So, I have no option but to forgive myself and move on. I will drink lots of water and have a prudish eating day today.

I have an art museum date tomorrow night and I want to feel good about myself. Comfortable in my clothes and dressed for the heat because we may picnic outside afterward. I am a little nervous, it is a facebook contact who went to high school with my sister. Not sure if it is a real date, but we have not met in person. Have been communicating for months on fb. He seems fun and I was more interested in a buddy to do stuff with so it should be low key and I need to get over my feelings of not being good enough!! Good enough for what? A walk in a museum?

So, all is forgiven, move on!!

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Laura N said...

I hate when the scale does that, and then we allow it to determine how we feel about ourselves. That is a hard one to change.

I have done that with skinny cow sandwiches many times in the past. They are expensive, and they are full of air, and not satisfying. So it's easy to consume so many. I still play those games at the grocery store. I'll buy the treat for the kids. Then they eat none of it and I eat it all. Ugh. Much to learn.