Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stalling but not too bad

Okay, I don't have huge momentum, but I do have stability. I also have poison ivy! My food has improved but not much more than required for maintenance. I have the evening struggle and it seems the evening workout sometimes ups the appetite. I need strategies for that. I do feel upbeat most of the time with the exception of a slight dip while taking the benedryl for the ivy itching. My dating the ex is not a positive, either so I am trying to give that up, always reminds me of why he is my ex! The new date is a fizzle cuz I am not attracted to him, but he is to me and that doesn't feel right at all. I do like him, though, but no attraction in the romantic way.

So, tonight is gym night and I look forward to my workouts. I do pushups now and a little yoga in the private room around the corner from my office. No big weight loss to speak of so I know that means I eat too much or not the right stuff. But my body feels good and I see muscle tone where it was not so good before. I am even liking my arms better. So improvement is positive.

Okay, I got an itch and I need to go use the ivy cream/spray quick. Scratching is not allowed!!

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