Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Inspiration and New Activities

My Art Museum date was far more fun than I expected. He was energetic, interesting, and funny, too. He has a degree in fine arts so he made an excellent guide! He dances, and referred me to a ballroom near where I work where they have beginner classes. I have been wanting to learn salsa, but I am signing on for the available beginner course starting next week which is Waltz and the Cha-Cha-Cha. I like the idea. Salsa would probably work better if I actually learn how to do some less complicated dancing first. So a second date is tentatively scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Anyway, the ballroom is so interesting to me. It's an old building, recently purchased by a dancer, and renovated. The instructors are older. It has a romantic and nostalgic mystique to it. I could literally live there, lost upstairs somewhere...they have a couple of apartments. So, I may like the idea of learning to dance, but some of it is I am attracted/drawn to that atmosphere. I must confess I am a bit nervous that I may not have the coordination/skill to learn. But I am going to give it my best shot, stretch myself, and have some fun.

I think I like dating. I am not taking it too seriously, looking to do fun things with people who have mutual interests. If anything else develops, I will take it slower than past whirlwind romances that seem to be based more on the physical chemistry than anything else. I also had a spur of the moment date Saturday night with my recent ex. I wanted to go hear live music, and needed an escort, which he gladly obliged. I had a nice time, but do not want to get serious with him again. He was going out of town for a week. We did not discuss the past or the future, just had a good time. We did not discuss relationship status, etc. Hopefully there will be no negative fall out from that. I know on my end, if I have no expectations, I won't be disappointed. Plus, I want to date Art/Dance guy now.

I am doing OK with food, better. And my exercise is regular and good. I am feeling inspired to try new things and have adventures!

Hope to have exciting weight loss updates in the near future!

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Laura N said...

sounds fun! our church had ballroom dancing classes a couple years ago. they were really a treat, but we didn't stick with it and couldn't dance now if we tried. but the lessons themselves were entertaining. I am not a good dancer, but I can follow instructions, so it wasn't horrible. :)