Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday was a non-scale victory. I got a tenant call about the AC and it ended up being a very expensive and involved problem with the furnace blower. There was talk of a new furnace. I was confused and alarmed, and had that financially threatened, fear filled, alone feeling. I made several calls (I needed an intervention!), some to friends and some to friends of heating and cooling companies. I went home and relaxed. I did not overeat the entire day. I stayed true to myself! I dealt with the stress by talking to people, e-mailing, and relaxing in front of some of my favorite comedy in the evening. I did not expect too much of myself, I simply wanted a better state of mind. Today I got up early and contacted another company, got a second opinion, felt comfortable with them and the work will be completed tomorrow. The tenants have a room unit in the larger room downstairs and their Aunt lives nearby so they are okay. I am getting it fixed as quickly as possible but I did not panic and was not at the mercy of the first company I used. I feel relieved today but I am not doing the relief eating (a/k/a the "afters"?) either. I am being balanced.

Yes, it is expensive, but it is my responsibility and it is part of owning property. I rest in knowing I did my best, and I have a solution. And, I did not eat as a coping mechanism. My friend the scale was back down today, still playing with those two pounds, but not entirely dependent on what the scales says. I felt leaner last night and today.

So happy happy furnace fixing to me!

More will be revealed!

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Helen said...

Good for you! It's hard to get used to dealing with crises without using food. :-)