Friday, August 19, 2011


Two weeks went by fast. I had a nice little waterfall session the night before my birthday and then on birthday morning. But I got depressed later that day, finding myself alone at home with nothing to do. It was weird. I had changed plans and come home early and.... Anyway, it matters not, that is ancient history. I have been plugging along working very hard. Week after birthday there was some work stuff going on, layoffs on the horizon, and other unrest. It came after 2nd quarter earnings report. I have been practicing my positive thinking and still enjoying my job. It took a couple of days to adjust, though.

Kids are back in school, and we have been doing some family bonding. My real birthday celebration was going out for dinner and frozen yogurt with the kids and then coming back and playing rock band on the wi. It was fun. Last night we did dinner again and took daughter's boyfriend. We are going to make it a practice at least every couple of weeks even if it is just out to the frozen yogurt spot. Or a dog walk, etc.

Food and exercise are the same. I am in maintenance again but mostly focused on keeping myself on an even emotional deal.

More later..

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