Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Payoff and Planning Celebration

Today I have my meals planned through Thursday. I am stocked and ready. And as an extra joy I was down a pound. This is not just any pound. It is the breakthrough pound that I have not been able to get past. So I am on my way. I was not expecting it so it's a nice treat. To be in the range I was last Summer, I should lose about eight pounds or so. I will be happy with six for May, though. It will get me to where I was when I was wearing my shorts. Here is what I have been doing - all these things work together.

I am on a budget, for spending and eating. so I am tracking both. I have shopped methodically and I have planned our meals for this week. This works for both eating less and spending less. I am also cleaning my room. I have made a huge impact on it. That makes me feel organized, competent and improves my mood. It also opens up my exercise space a little more. Plus it feels as if a great weight has been lifted having had the room cleaning project hanging over me for a good long while. I feel optimistic and happy.

My room is big so there were lots of spaces to accumulate laundry, paperwork, unpacked little boxes from two years ago when we moved, all kinds of stuff. I am happy with what I have accomplished. I put in several hours yesterday and a couple today so now all I have to do is keep at it off and on throughout the rest of the day, and a little each day this week. I have done a little decorating like finally hanging a mirror that has been leaning against the wall. It has given me some exercise but it has also given me a bit of a back ache so I am taking it at a slower pace today.

I also went through pictures again last night - the ones that daughter uploaded from her computer onto the external hard drive. There were pictures from 2003 through 2008. It helps to look at these - it's a type of reality therapy. On the one hand I feel good about losing weight and it shows me that I have indeed lost weight and am in much better physical shape. But it also serves as a warning to me of what happens when I slip into denial and do not take the steps I need to take to maintain a healthy body.
The picture looking is not just about me and my obsession with my body image. I am not as completely obsessed with myself as I may sound on this blog it's just that the blog is about me and my quest for a healthier life etc., and so on. More than anything else I have been looking at all the happy memories. Memories for my daughter and grandson and other family members - my Dad and brother before their mental conditions changed, my sister and her family, school events, softball, dance recitals, vacations. We really have had a wonderful life.

So I am celebrating-- celebrating our living space, our family life past and present and my good health... I think I will make May a month of finding things to celebrate -without the cake of course!

More will be revealed!!


Doc Manette said...

Great couple of posts Cindy. I love your idea about making May your month and looking for things to celebrate.

Also, congratulations on losing that pesky pound! Woo Hoo!

Laura N said...

Hey, you doing ok?

Bea said...

I am also looking for you. Hope all is well. This is my weekly check in. Bye.