Thursday, May 28, 2009

Non-Scale Victories (remember those?)

I have not talked about a non-scale victory in ages - but yesterday I felt a little looseness in my skirt. It was nice. I have kept the pesky pound off and should lose another by end of the week. My appetite has calmed considerably. I am still trying to make sure I go to bed early enough but I have not been falling asleep right away, and sometimes it takes a long time. Even with all the soothing rainfall we have been having. But it is a short work week thankfully and I am looking forward to the weekend.

Back to non-scale victories - when I saw my stomach in the mirror this morning (something I tend to avoid) it looked smaller....maybe it is my point of view or maybe the pesky pound came off of my tummy. Doesn't matter, I am glad for the shift in perception or body fat. For some reason these meal supplement shakes reduce my interest in food. It may be in part that I am spending less time actually eating since I drink the shakes so I am getting out of the habit of eating. Plus, I use them to supplement my snacks, not my regular meals, and snacking is where my extra calories and eating come from. I am good at having disciplined meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But snacking is another story. So if my snacks are the shakes, that reduces the eating episodes and the calories. And breaks the habit. I don't plan to use these shakes long term but I do plan to use them for a few weeks to see what happens.

More will be revealed...


Bea said...

Pretty woman in the picture.

I have had good luck with the meal supplements also. If I just don't have to mess around with food at all I am better off. I am good at fasting too.

I too am working on having non-scale victories. Why do all good things in my life have to involve food? Is a mystery. I am trying to garden. I spent four hours planting flower beds, and dog promptly dug them all up. Dumb dog.

I am convinced lack of sleep is half of my hunger problem. If I get 8+ hours I am less hungry the next day. Glad to hear you finally got some sleep. Take care.

Laura N said...

So glad things are going well on the weight loss front! I always feel better & more focused when I don't have junk filling my body. Takes a few days to make the transition, but once I'm there it's like I have fresh life breathed into me.

I need to check out those shakes.

Have a great weekend!

Resolute said...

Hallo Vicky. I am really enjoying your postings. I'm most interested in your medi shakes. I've just googled them. Which ones are you using as there are a large variety of them? Also, would love it if you could give an idea of how you plan your three main meals. I am at a total loss of what to eat. I've just started with eating breakfast for the first time in my life. Consisting of scrambled eggs and nothing more. I know that can't be healthy. Yet any grains and especially wheat trigger more eating for me. I find I am sensitive with anything that has vinegar in it, like salad dressings, my last binge started with salad dressing and a can of salmon :>) Also tomato juice. I have quite a number of trigger foods, a very very very long list. :>)

Resolute said...

I'm so sorry Cindy and Vicky. I meant to address my last comment to Cindy. :>)

Doc Manette said...

So jealous about your last post and 12 hours of sleep - I just can't seem to sleep for longer than 5 hours . . . grrr.

Congratulations on the NSV! Loose clothes have always been my favorite NSV (though haven't had that problem lately . . . grrr.)