Friday, May 1, 2009

Making May My Month

Today is no exception to the I Love Friday rule. I am working from home. Shorter hours, too, because I worked longer earlier in the week. My boss is more flexible now so long as we meet her deadlines on projects. I met a deadline so I am working from home. I anticipate getting my 60 days notice sometime after June 1st. I am looking forward to the end of this job, a break, and the beginning of whatever I do next.

Today I have some work I want to finish but I also want to to have some peace and quiet and preparation. The kids continued to be sick this week and today is the first day that they both went to school. I am enjoying quiet. I would enjoy a nice rain, too.. I am in my comfy chair, all cozy with the laptop and a cup of coffee. I have a sore throat but I don't have to go anywhere, or do anything but a few hours of reading and editing contracts. I can do that. I am preparing myself for the month to come. A month for budgeting money and food and getting myself back on track.

I have been up and down with food this week so all I can do is maintain my little two pound loss but for May I am working hard at a goal of losing six pounds. I looked at last year's statistics and I lost 6 pounds in April. Six pounds is a reasonable goal. I am sick of being stuck. That will get me feeling good in my Summer shorts, in fact it may even get me excited about my Summer clothes. So May is my month. The entry to Summer, the celebration of Spring. Flower planting, and the end of the school year. All kinds of good things happen in May. There is much to celebrate!

My depression was light this week. Almost gone, in fact. But full energy has not returned although I managed a morning work out every day but yesterday. I am planning meals for next week, for me and the kids because I am trying to get on a good grocery budget. It also helps plan for me to have the right food available all the time so I can attain my goals. This weekly meal planning has advantages for saving money and saving calories. I have a calorie budget and a financial budget. I find that they go hand in hand. When I am out of control with food I often feel out of control with spending, so I am going to keep close watch on both from now on and see how that works.

Happy Friday!!!


Helen said...

Six pounds for May sounds doable for me's hoping!!

I love hearing about you all snuggly with your laptop and's funny how we can be snuggly with computers, but it's true!! :-)

Have a great weekend!

LG said...

It sounds very doable to me too. You're such a good planner and you're always thinking ahead and trying to roll with the flow.

I'm glad you had a good Friday!