Monday, May 25, 2009

The Joys of Sleep

Last week was very busy. I had things going on every evening. I was up late with daughter helping with school work. By Friday I was wiped out. So I slept 12 hours Friday night through Saturday morning. I felt better on Saturday than I have felt in a long time. Saturday night I did not get to sleep as much because we had traveled to spend the night with my parents and were up early Sunday morning to go visit one of my sons. So I made up for it last night by doing another 12 hour sleep. This one was interrupted several times in the morning because my alarm on my telephone kept going off in some distant part of my room and I was too comfy in bed to go turn it off. I finally did at nine and slept another two hours. This sleep therapy helps my mood. Tired makes me crave food. I noticed it on Friday. I wanted food all day long and had to resist the urge constantly. When I am rested I eat better. So I am going to make sleep a priority.

Work is very busy doing all the things to make sure they can fire us all soon. That's basically what my job is about these days. Getting it all done so they can eliminate my job. I don't mind so much and I look forward to the time off. I like the variety I have now. I stay out of doom and gloom thinking and resentment most of the time so I stay in a pretty good mood.

It has rained most of the day so the yard work I planned was put off. I don't mind. I am still enjoying the wilderness look of my back yard. I planted a flower garden for my mother as a late mother's day present. Just a small group of pots on her deck but she appreciated it and I enjoyed doing it. It will be easy for her to maintain, just watering really. I am going with the flow today and not taxing myself. I am not craving food and am sticking to my plan. It is much easier to do when I am rested and can live at my own pace.

This week I am going to make rest and sleep a priority and see how that works..

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Laura N said...

Hi Cindy. It sounds like you are seriously on track & doing well. Sleep is something I crave--perhaps too much so. I guess anything you need & don't get enough of, you want more of. I want food when I'm tired, too.

I'm interested in the medifast shakes. I like that idea. I'll have to check them out.

Hope your week is going well!