Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fed Up, Refreshed, Bloated, and Accountable?

I am fed up with going up and down. It's the food, not the exercise, for sure. I just dawdle around and then cut loose in the evening. I keep track all day and then act as if nothing counts at night. I am not crazy horrible with food but certainly not doing enough to lose anything, or keep from fluctuating up and down 3 pounds here and there. I must get serious, dedicated and enjoy making a REAL change.

So, I want to be accountable. Even if no one reads. I am going to track online. I will make it easy, I will track calories per meal. Breakfast was 250. I will check in soon with the lunch tally. Or later with a daily tally. And blog in the evening.

I had a wonderful trip over the weekend, with my grandson and one of his friends for his birthday. We went to stay at my friend's house in the country, near a park with waterfalls. The river runs through large rocks and forms a wonderful natural water park. We also visited another state park with huge rocks. They played like kids, even though they are teenagers! We spent two nights, and they played board games and watched kid movies. My friend baked a birthday cake and made a special dinner. It was very nice especially because both of grandson's parents are in jail now and we seem to be short on family members. I got exercise in the water at the park and in my friend's lap/wave exercise pool.

Now to get serious on the whole food deal. Really, honestly, I MUST.

Update, after reading Vickie's post (wish I could link) I now realize I need to adjust the WHAT I eat drastically. I am out of touch with the whole and clean eating. I think I am eating ok but usually it involves some level of processed food. So I am going natural and pulling out the books to refresh my memory!

In keeping with the accountability - I had a high protien 210 calorie lunch. I will supplement with a boiled egg in a couple of hours. I am very bloated today after a fruit/sugar/carb fest last night. Daughter had a car accident while we were on our wonderful trip. I dealt with it very well but there were many post accident things to do yesterday. She got a ticket, on top of the whole ordeal. And we need to replace the car. She was not hurt, and that's the most important thing of all. No one was, and the car that hit her left the scene. Anyhow, eating mega-carbs does not make it better. It only inflates my body. I am flushing the toxins today with water.


Laura N said...

I'm so sorry about your daughter's accident. Thankfully she's OK, but it will take a lot out of you, dealing with the after.

Have you been to Kay Sheppherd's website? That's what Vickie used to get on her food plan. I am doing it, too, only modified just a little. After you get over your carb bloat, you probably ought to increase your breakfast and lunch calories. No joke, I eat ~400 calories with a 130 cal latte (homemade, with 1 c milk), so most mornings have 500 cal for breakfast. Lunch is usually around 400, then dinner is around 300-400, and I have two small snacks (yogurt and fruit or cottage cheese and fruit, sometimes with 4 walnuts added for healthy fats). I end up around 1500-1600 cal a day. If you aren't eating a big enough breakfast and lunch, you are going to hit the evening and want to eat everything in sight. It won't just be emotional eating--your body will be hungry.

Just a thought.

Good luck! Once you get rid of the processed foods, you will be amazed at how little you want it. Yes, hormones and emotional habits will make those thoughts come in, but you won't be craving it.

Cindy...154 said...

Thank you! I totally agree, these puny calorie meals are probably contributing to cravings later on. I am looking forward to getting rid of the junk, and by junk I mean stuff that I used to call healthy!

Helen said...

Congratulations on your new commitment to the journey. :-)

Vickie said...
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Cindy...154 said...

Thanks, Vickie. She seems to be doing pretty good. She is driving to work each day. She will probably avoid unsignaled left turns. I had a bigger breakfast today and I feel stable.