Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Love October

What beautiful weather!!!!! We are not supposed to use the Internet at work anymore for personal use so I have cut back on my computer time. It's been over a week since my last post. My weight is stable in the new lower range. I am feeling great. I took off Friday and enjoyed the weather. My daughter and I went shopping at this big trendy second hand store in the afternoon. It was fun trying things on. I was in the market for jeans since my favorites from last winter are loose. Besides they remind me of my ex boyfriend, getting ready for my dates with him, and the things I wore. Funny how my winter things made me think of him. But I have fond memories of those clothes regardless.

So, I tried on jeans and found two snug fitting ones. I loved the one pair but they were pricey. They were called Sacred. Must be some brand teenagers wear but to me they looked like Hippie jeans. I came back the next day and got them to take ten dollars off the price. Now that makes them even more "sacred"... I really love them. I will have to photo them. They are a bit tight but that's good because I am sure I will be dropping an inch or so to make them fit just right. For now they are quite wearable. I love jeans.

I also found boots. Last year I was on a seemingly endless quest for boots and never bought any. I was shopping for new ones and never found any I liked. At the groovy second hand store I found two - high ones for wearing with skirts, and low/western style ones. Black. Love them, too. So that was my fun shopping excursion. I had quality time with daughter, too. Thursday night we went out to dinner and to a late movie since we were both off the next day. We had a real nice night out together. Grandson was at his mother's house so it was just the two of us.

I have been feeling very comfortable in my body. I got out my bike this morning. I have lost 15 or 20 pounds since I was riding it last year I think. I don't recall riding it this past spring but perhaps I did. Anyway the hills were much easier and it was a great way to start the day. This weather is delicious. Sunny with big puffy white clouds, cool breezes, crisp evenings, and brilliant sunsets. I can't get enough!!!!!

I also did a positive thinking "boot camp" of my own last week. For three days straight I worked in a work book by Louise Hay, it is the companion book to her You Can Heal Your Life book. It is all about changing my thoughts and accepting and loving myself. The key to kind every of healing apparently, according to Hay. Well, anyway I kept writing out the affirmations on little slips of paper and carrying them in my pockets, and when I did not have pockets, in my bra. I was dedicated. I'd get them out in the restroom at work and read them. This may sound funny but I was determined to get my head in the positive mode. I also read them at my desk, recited them in my car, and anywhere.

By Wednesday I was and still am it the best state of mind I have been in for a very very very long time. Amazing is all I can say. So I still read them, write them, and look at them, think them and so on.

Right now I am reclined on my back patio by my inpatients of every color just breathing in the evening. It is still light out and I am going to eat my salad and read.

More will be revealed!!!


Laura N said...

What a great time that shopping trip must have been. Those affirmations sound amazing. So glad to hear that you are feeling great. Hope your week goes well. Hugs.

LG said...

You are so awesome and clever. You got a good deal and I love the name of those jeans. Mine might be "Arrghhhh!"

Your clothes sound fun.

And I like your affirmations. I really do. You got me thinking.

By the way, you look marvelous!

Helen said...

How fun! I haven't been thrift store shopping (or any shopping) in too long!! When I get these gained-back lbs. off, I'm heading out! :-)