Saturday, October 4, 2008

The New Normal

Vickie's comment reminded me of how things become the "new normal" after a while of practicing new principles in eating and exercise. Helen referred to it before also about her Drastic becoming the Normal. I was thinking of what new principles or habits are becoming my new normal.

Increased focus on the amount of protein and carbohydrates in my food choices is part of the new normal. I am reaching for more protein and less simple carbohydrates in my diet today. I am also varying the high carb low carb days in the cycle 2 part of the program I am trying to use. I say trying because this week I was far less than perfect. I was perfect the first week, though.
Also, in exercise I am making sure I exercise on the low carb days, and use bursts of intensity and new challenges. I am looking for new stuff to do to keep things interesting and to use muscles that I don't ordinarily use.

Variety seems the broad theme even though it is not necessarily what I set out to do. The scale was up a smidgen today but I still feel smaller in the waist. I knew it would be up but I am still lower than I was, and I am very satisfied with my results, especially after being so imperfect.

Today is Homecoming and I have a nervous newly 15 year old getting ready. She had those spots break out on her leg and is trying to cover the remains with cover stick and go bare legged - panty hose apparently are for old ladies like me!! I am being there for what she needs but also steering clear. I am driver, errand runner but I have to keep my mouth shut because I am too old to know anything. I thought she should carry a small purse for make up and phone but that is apparently not I hope she does not lose anything. She reminds me that she can handle her self, and I am very grateful for that, and grateful that she is confident in her ability to deal with her own decisions.

So I am off to clean house and be available for the homecoming driving and money handing out and whatever else my role turns out to be. The dining out plans have moved from after to before and may move again before the day is out so I am staying flexible. The last thing she needs is a rigid mother yapping at her while she tries to negotiate this rite of passage into high school social life. I never did this stuff in high school so I really don't know much about it anyway. I was a hippie...

More will be revealed!!!


Vickie said...
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Laura N said...

Panty hose free here, too! I love not wearing panty hose anymore, even in the winter. It's not like nylon keeps legs very warm, anyway.

Isn't it great how quickly the new habits form when it makes your body feel good? Scary thing is, the old habits can sneek in so easily. You are doing great!

Hope your daughter had a great time. It's hard for me to believe that mine is already half way to age 15. She's going to be going through all this before I know it.

Hope your week is going well.

Laura N said...

hey, you doing OK this week?

Vickie said...
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