Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy Week

Past couple of days have been very busy. Unexpected trip to doctor with daughter plus the birthday stuff had me off work all day yesterday instead of just leaving early. I had to take a step back and stop obsessing about my weight. I felt I was getting too hung up on it. I have noticed that my stomach feels smaller and leaner and I like that feeling. I am paying attention to my body and still doing an eating program/plan and exercising but putting back into my relaxed perspective. That my not make sense but I go overboard with my weight loss stuff to where it becomes more of a compulsion than a program for good health.

Anyway since I had my carb up I noticed how my moods fluctuated and how my body reacted. I am not sure if the moods were related because other things factor into moods. Next high carb day I am going to stick with the lower glycemic stuff. I don't have much time to post today because I am trying to make up for lost time yesterday at work. I feel very relaxed today and not hungry at all. My temptation is to skip meals but I am going to make sure I eat every four hours like I am supposed to. Steady blood sugar levels are important.

Still incorporating principles into my permanent eating program. That's what I feel like I do every time I do a new program. I take new principles and add them into my way of eating. I don't do any one program forever - I use it to learn and adjust my eating.


Helen said...

What you said in your last paragraph is EXACTLY how I see trying new dietary ideas!! I incorporate what works and go from there...I am not a "stay on someone else's program forever" kind of person...I customize what works for me. And I think that's smart, by the way! We are smart. ;-)

But where is that darn "Crack" book? I can't wait for it!!! ;-)

Laura N said...

Hope things have calmed down & you got to enjoy your daughter's birthday. Love that leaner feeling! I *know* all those pushups you are doing are making your stomach leaner. It takes a lot of ab strength to do pushpus.

I felt that way after my carb up day, too. Today I had more protein wtih my carb meals, and felt much more even.

Glad you enjoyed the PB!